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By sharing my story I want people to understand just how fortunate they are. When I see children I want to say to their parents you all are so fortunate. I believe you are the most fortunate people on this planet.
The best gift anyone can give you is your child by birth.
Doing their hair, buying their clothes and teaching them to stand proud are ALL priceless.


1. 30/08/2013 A Care Plan is not a Contact Order specified under the Children Act 1989. The Care Plan is NOT a legal document.

2. Social Worker Impressions.

3. I think perhaps the worst thing in the care system is the way children in the 8-15 age group are treated when they are taken into “care” .Their mobile phones are confiscated and when applicable so are their laptops.They are isolated from their friends,parents,grandparents and even sometimes their siblings.No communication of any kind is permitted and when parents are finally allowed to visit in cold impersonal contact centres all conversation is strictly censored so that no mention can be made of the court case,why they are here and what chances they have of returning home.No complaint by children of sexual or physical abuse by foster families or social workers is allowed.No weeping and no excessive affection can be shown .Any breach of these and countless other rules in the “contact agreement “parents are obliged to sign, and contact will be stopped at once and sometimes for good .These children are treated worse than murderers and rapists in prison because those criminals at least are allowed to make phone calls and can discuss what they like with visitors whilst children who have done nothing wrong can do neither ! No wonder these unfortunate children wonder if they are evil or if they have done something terribly wicked.Only the cold and utterly heartless would inflict such cruel indignities on innocent children (Ian Josephs M.A., Oxon).

(a) Then they blame the parents

4. Social services did not take my child to give to anyone she knows. She was being trafficked. My child was also communicating with others who raised her, why were they not asked to have my child for a period?
A friend in Wellingborough told me when she saw my child and foster carer with team, they were not happy to see my child knew people and people knew her. Lorna could have at least have made the effort, as my aunty did.

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