Mother Cleared Of Child Cruelty

Mother Cleared Of Child Cruelty

It is after this hearing Northamptonshire social services had to return my child. 
The criminal proceedings were made as a direct result of the family proceedings.
The fact finding is carried out in the family  court, all reports gathered are then introduced into the criminal case, the process MUST NOT be the other way round, for obvious reasons. The family court and my child's advocates had NO right introducing witness statements and exhibits collected during the criminal investigation into the family proceedings, until the conclusion of the criminal trial, but they did whatever they pleased.  Even though I did highlight this fact to the judge, she laughed in my face,  drew up an order then permitting my child's solicitor Mr. Roy Warren to further prejudice the family proceedings.

Then the Jury said NOT GUILTY and all those who did use their government powers to abuse my child and I did not know what to do. So they ignored the ruling instead. The jury had spoken!

They expect me to keep my mouth shut and just walk away.

Unless you are fleeing domestic violence and in a refuge where you will be protected, never call social services for help. Social services will not help you, they will just make matters worse.
If you do contact social services, you deserve everything you get.

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