Friday, 28 June 2013

Hello My Name Is Ngozi Godwell On Behalf Of Northamptonshire County Council

Hello My Name Is Ngozi Godwell On Behalf Of Northamptonshire County Council

Hello I have created this blog to show you how Northamptonshire county council and it's various departments do use the police to abduct children from parents they do not like to punish them. 

The corruption starts from the top. The family is normally brought to the attention of the local body, because a member of the household makes numerous complaints about the failing council, sues, or does both. It is your right to do so.

Northampton town is a guide. The community is powerless, so never come here expecting the town to be proactive. But like all towns, you will find good and bad people. Sadly, there are bad towns.

A former worker to Northamptonshire Social Services informed me:

"Get your child out of there now, I know what these people are like. All the Independent Reviewing Officer does is lie, this is what the conferences are about. To stop your child believing that you are family and to start calling strangers, aunty and uncle."

She was not lying.

This year Shirey Bowron Social Services Manager had the nerve to tell me the same thing, but using a more academic approach:
"The plan was never to give you your child back. At these meetings we do exactly that, plan. We plan never to give you your child back."

I have no time to chat on this blog. The sole aim of this blog is to upload copies of the Independent Review Reports, because I have had enough of this shit.

I am not sure why Northamptonshire local body have the nerve to tell my child that I am or was unwell mentally, because by doing your research, googling my name you will find that they are liars.  This is the whole point of placing my medical records on the internet.

Welcome To Northamptonshire, England, UK Independent Reviewing Officer Safeguarding Children Blog.